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Working for long term social, cultural, environmental & economic sucesss

About us

Broden Mining Ltd. is a purpose-created company for the commitment of working with Ross River Dena Council to acquire the Vangorda Plateau Lands. 

With permission from the Sterriah family of the Ross River Nation, Broden Mining is named after Broden (“Las Tsok”) who along with her husband, Jack, led Al Kulan to the location of Vangorda beneath Tse Zul Mountain and later Faro, in their traditional hunting grounds after Al asked the Sterriahs if they had ever seen certain rocks that contained silver lead-zinc mineralization.

Latest News 
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A New Partnership – New Ownership

August 30, 2021


The partnership between Dena Nezzidi Development Corporation and Broden Mining Ltd., a consortium of natural resource developers.

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